LTD “Taumona” Implementing EU Financed Eco-innovation System

Since 2019 September LTD “Taumona” has been successfully fulfilling European Union financed project “LTD Taumona Technological Eco-innovation Installation”.

Total project value: 416.290 Eur.

EU financed amount: 145.701,50 Eur.

Main project goal – to reduce the negative impact on the environment in the company’s production process by the preservation of natural resources and raw materials.

The quality of products, introduction of new technologies, sales promotion are the main priorities of the company that help to ensure customer satisfaction and trust. In recent years, the popularity of furniture production based on eco-design principles has grown significantly. High eco-design demand has been triggered due to public fears and upheavals regarding environmental pollution, climate change and harmful substances, the impurities of which are also common in furniture.

Accordingly, Taumona responds to such public and consumer attitudes by implementing a project, that will allow installation of technological eco-innovations by purchase of modern equipment. This way, Taumona will reduce the consumption of raw materials and harmful substances in production processes, while at the same time contributing to general reduction of environmental pollution and conscious usage of natural resources.

Finally, Taumona expects that the implementation of the project will allow to offer a wider range of products to the market, to establish itself in existing and new markets, and to contribute to solving environmental problems.