In cooperation with our partners, we produce and supply various furniture solutions for hotel chains as well as restaurants of international and local brands.

We have extensive operational experience in implementing large-scale projects in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and Germany. Our manufacturing capacities and supplier network allow us to offer our clients both bespoke products, and standard products in high volumes. We can supply and install furniture for hotels of up to 400 rooms in relatively short time frame as well as supply other one-off cabinet furniture for public areas.

We produce for hotels: cabinet reception furniture, wardrobes, night tables, coffee tables, TV cabinets or stands, bed headboards, and other products as per client’s unique requirements.

We produce for restaurants: tables, decorative partitions, and cabinet reception furniture.

As we work with a wide range of materials, we can supply complete units combining metal, artificial or natural stone, glass, linoleum, cork and other less frequently used materials.